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Variable and fixe interest rates

What should I choose?

Variable rate real estate loan

If you choose a variable rate for your real estate loan, you will usually not pay any penalty in case of early repayment of your loan. However, your rate can be adapted to market conditions at any time. 

Fixed rate real estate loan

If you choose a fixed rate for your loan, interest rate will be set at a specified period of time, for example for 10 years. This way you are reducing the risk of raising interest rates. However, you lose flexibility. In general, a penalty will be charged by your bank in cases of early repayment. However in some cases this penalty may be limitted by the law.

Real estate loan of home savings

A fixed-rate loan without early repayment penalty

With the real estate loan linked to your home savings you enjoy all the benefits:

  • Fixed rate and guaranteed for the duration of your term.
  • Flexibility to make additional payments at any time without early repayment penalty.

100% financement

If you want to buy or build an object for your own residential use in Luxembourg, we can offer you, together with our partner banks, a loan for the entire purchase price or construction price. In this case, you only have to bear the additional costs of the project with your own funds.

Does it make sense to renegotiate your loan terms?

The interest rates have fallen continuously in recent years. This development in market interest rates is causing many people who took out their real estate loan a few years ago to think about whether it makes sense to renegotiate its terms.